I’ve had the privilege of knowing Leigh Hardin for over 20 years. We met during my tenure at Volvo Trucks North America where I was the National Parts Inventory Manager, and I chose her to assist me in recruiting the best talent in the Piedmont Triad to open our newest call center. She was instrumental in not only locating over 100 great bilingual talent in Spanish and French for Customer Service Positions, she was referred to many other departments within VTNA where she was as equally successful.

Leigh is great at understanding the needs of a business and works hard to bring people in to fill open positions. She has a keen sense of getting to know people that have the characteristics that will benefit the company she is staffing. She possesses a positive outlook and is always encouraging those around her to be the best they can be. Leigh has morals, values and ethics and finds others that share those values to recommend for hire. She contributes in many ways by making sure she knows the expectations of the company before recommending staff for hire. Leigh also works with that company to match hard working employees with the attributes of character needed to put that company at the top.

Leigh uses her education and experience to find employees that are capable to be successful at the positions they fill, not only with her clients but with her internal staff as well. She has the best talent working within her company which she has trained and mentored. With her character and strong work ethic she is someone that I highly recommend that will be a remarkable colleague and contributor to making your company very successful.”

Bonnie Epling Snediker
Former VTNA Manager
Current Owner, Your Beauty Bar

It is with pride and pleasure to share some insight into Leigh’s incredible work ethic, integrity, industry knowledge, and human compassion skills.

Leigh and I began on a professional level when I asked her to locate top sales talent for our Marketing and Networking Agency which she successfully accomplished. As our business relationship continued, we eventually became great friends as well. Her dedication and loyalty to her friends extends to her numerous relationships she has formed over many years. We worked tirelessly to build successful networking groups at the Guilford Merchants Association and her contributions led to not only GMA forming the areas first networking group, but many more over the years.

Unselfish is a terrific word to describe Leigh as she is always willing to lend a fellow business owner her wisdom and knowledge without an expectation of reciprocity. As a result, her care and dedication to others has led to the growth of her various business enterprises throughout the years. I am grateful to know Leigh as someone I am always able to count on during times of prosperity and adversity.

Steve Branch, Retired
Vice President of Operations, Greensboro Merchants Association

Leigh Hardin and I worked together in the staffing industry for many years. I have known her to be the best in the business. She has deep roots in the Triad Community and is able to make appointments with company leaders with ease. She also has a strong skill set to recruit top talent to fill job orders for her customers.

I would high recommend Leigh in any area in the staff industry.

Joanna Rudder

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